Tonight is SILENCE!

~~SILENCE and read this blog post mortal earthlings!~~
Tonight is VASU’s annual silent auction “Silence!” The Snelgrove Gallery is packed to its gills in a salon style manner adorned with a plethora of student art.
What is Silence? It’s a fundraiser for the Visual Art Students’ Union as well as a chance for art students to show and sell some of their creative work they’ve been doing. It’s also a party with drinks, food, and music. People of all shapes and forms can enjoy themselves, bid on art (usually for amazing prices), win door prizes, take photo-booth pics, and revel in everything good.
I’ve also heard someone was bringing a swaddle of lil bity cutie pooty puppy dogs too (*yet to be confirmed)

Some of my favorite student artists are representing their work including: Aralia Maxwell, Yonina Rollack, Jory Simpson, Emily Koelert, Kenton Doupe, Stepanie Mah, Jordan “the Bulge” Bulgis, Michael Tremblay, and Shelby Lechman (there’s many many more to mention but my anorexic fingers are getting tired)

Here’s a little tantalizing treat for your visual tastebuds


^Kenton Doupe is steppin up his drawing game with his recent crispy clean drawings.


Shelby Lechmen has been creating these elegant and subtly beautiful monoprints


Devon Roy put in this massive drawing. Little bit of inner madness, identity crisis thing going on maybe? I dig it!


Jordan Bulgiss is fine tuning his expressive brushwork, with this sly lookin lady.


Everyone that is anyone in the Art Department knows who this is. The beloved Snelgrove Gallery Director Marcus Miller of course! Now you can own him!! errrrr.. a painting of him


Michael Tremblay has these insane drawing/pencil crayon pictures. They are fucking hysterical and totally rad.


Yonina Rollack has silkscreens and collagraph prints in her excellent graphic style.


Stephanie Mah’s delicate silkscreen monoprint is sure nice


Jory Simpsons got his silk screen technique dialed in.


^It wouldn’t be Silence without a Lego sculpture from Terry! He’s riffing on University politics with this re-imagining of the U of S campus.

OK that’s enough of teaser photos. I’ve purposely left out some of my other favorites so that you have to come down to Silence to see if for yourself. Tonight Dec.5th, 7-10!