David Dyck “Pure Sugar” at the Snelgrove

David Dyck just finished up his MFA exhibition “Pure Sugar” at the Snelgrove Gallery this weekend.Looking through the gallery you can see that David Dyck is a craftsmen artists. His work is an interesting approach to creating art objects. With his expert workmanship David makes unique alternatives to paintings and sculpture that are quite funny.

In Pure Sugar David pokes fun at the art world, gallery display, and the construction of art.

"Bicycle Wheel"

^ With “Bicycle Wheel” David took a new ‘spin’ on the notion of easel painting by making a bicycle wheel canvas. He stretched the canvas  over a wooden wheel stretcher bars that he created. The marks made on this painting were made during an actual bicycle ride.

"Airtight Painting"

^ In the twin pieces that look like breasts “Airtight Painting” Dyck sealed air behind the canvas causing them to balloon outword.

"Micro Adjust Painting"

^”Micro-Adjust Painting” tightly solves the art-world problem of paintings warping on their stretchers

"Hover Plinth with Superlight Object"

^Hover Plinth with Superlight Object” is aimed at solving the gallery problem of whether you should hang a sculpture or set it on the floor. Solution? Set it on a pedestal that is motion activated to hover off the floor when a viewer is in range.

"Poker Painting"

^ probably my favorite of Dyck’s “Poker Painting”. David constructed it for the RBC painting competition award; it’s hardly classified as a painting as it’s stretched mesh jersey is over a bulging frame with a sporty #3 on it. The highlight is its motion activated metal pokers that push out of sides of the frame. I could just imagine it hanging beside some delicate paintings as, upon activation, it topples off the competition.

Those were some of my favorites of his show. If you didn’t get to see them in person, you missed a good one!


Sliding Down the Plane at 330 G

A few months ago I was privileged to get a private tour of the 330 G gallery/workspace by artist Marie Lannoo and let me say it was awesome.
330 G is a small gallery and artist workspace located in an old church at 330 Ave G (get it!?)

330 G is damn cool. The front has a small gallery of cool art, and the back is an multi-artist workshop. The art being made my Marie Lannoo and the other artists in the workshop was exciting and inspiring to see.

330 G is slightly obscure. The gallery doesn’t always have exhibits showing and when there is an art exhibition showing it’s open only on Saturday afternoons from 1-5pm or by appointment.

When I visited the 330 G there was excellent optic art by local artist Benjamin Hettinga and Angela Leach from Scarborough.

Hettinga’s and Leach’s art work really well together. While Ben’s art is a series of complex, super fine geometric paper cuts layered over each other creating a depth within the frame; Angela’s art is precision painted on cut foam that makes the painting appear three dimensional.

Both of these artists expertly use colour. Hettinga uses colour to dazzle the eye, tricking it so that his work appears to vibrate. Leach’s careful use of lines and contrasting colours with slight tonal shifts makes her art pop forward from the plane.

Here’s a few pictures (much better in person)


Angela Leach^


Angela Leach^


Ben Hettinga^


Ben Hettinga^ papercut X silkscreenprint

*You want to check out 330 G gallery?? There is a new exhibit Robert Youds’ “Late-Day Light” opening this week!
Sept 24 5-8pm and running until Oct 19th. Check it out


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